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Heather Solomon, Castle Walk KitchenFood? I love food. Buying it, cooking it, eating it, talking about it. You get the picture. I’ve been cooking since my easy bake oven. My first foray into “cooking from scratch” was at age 11, when I hacked up the family jack-o-lantern to make pumpkin muffins. Wish I had some old photos from that day!

I took several cooking classes in high school, mostly Chinese food, and plan to include some of those recipes here. After college, my boyfriend (and now husband) worked in NY and LA, leaving me with lots of free Saturday nights. So I did what any good culinaria would do . . . I hopped on the subway and headed downtown to Peter Kump (now the Institute of Culinary Education) to take cooking classes.

Ten years later, a doctorate in child psychology and three children, I enrolled in a professional cooking program (again down to the Institute of Culinary Education). I worked at Park Avenue Café, great food and great people all under one roof. I loved the philosophy there and embrace it as my own, eat fresh, local and seasonal whenever possible. It’s the difference between being a good cook and a great cook…

I’m also really passionate about improving school food and teaching kids about healthy eating. I cater school lunches for our local public schools, and teach cooking classes to both kids and adults. What’s so cool about cooking with kids is that food can be delicious, while also making our bodies strong and healthy.

I look forward to sharing my culinary adventures with you through this website and hope that you will tell me about the fun you are having in your kitchen too!


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