Refrigerator Oatmeal

June 9th, 2014


This is my last week on a strict elimination diet. By Thursday (I hope) I’ll start adding some of my favorite foods back into my diet. I have been craving tomatoes (raw with salt), Parmesan cheese (Caesar salad) and shrimp (paella). Go figure! On the flip side though, I have really been enjoying a new way of eating and finding interesting ways to make the foods I love a bit healthier and cleaner (eating more from the farm not the factory). So while I’ll add back some of the foods I love (and hopefully my body will still love them too), I’m also planning to continue eating less gluten, soy, dairy, eggs and sugar.

One of the tougher things for me to give up has been sugar. I love a few dark chocolate almonds, a chocolate chip cookie, or some ice cream. But the elimination diet really cleans/detoxes your system by cutting out all refined sugar (even honey and maple syrup). I have been working on a great recipe for apple crisp, which meets the needs of the diet, coming later this week (I can smell it baking in the oven). Yum!

The other thing I found tricky to eliminate was eggs. They are such a staple in my diet. I ate them most mornings for breakfast and not eating them has made breakfast a bit harder for me. I’ve mentioned the spinach smoothie that I adore, but other than that I needed a new idea.

So here’s a recipe for refrigerator oatmeal that’s gluten free, dairy free, and low in sugar. It combines my desire for something sweet with my need for new breakfast ideas.   It’s super easy, there are so many options for “add-ins” and my kids had so much fun helping me to make it. It’s a great breakfast for kids too!

I like to warm my oatmeal, but also it’s a great grab-and-go breakfast.

¼ cup gluten free oats
¼ cup almond, coconut or rice milk
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
2-3 drops vanilla extract
1-tablespoon brown rice syrup
1-teaspoon chia seeds (these seeds are loaded with omega 3’s!)
*¼ – ½ cup fresh fruit strawberries, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, and/or peaches (you can also just add the fruit to the top when you’re ready to eat it)
*1-tablespoon almond slivers for garnish


In a clean glass jar, mix all the ingredients together except the fruit. The brown rice syrup needs a few vigorous strokes to get it mixed in. Then add the fruit. Mix again, cover and put into the refrigerator for 4-6 hours. I make mine at night or right after I finish breakfast so it’s ready for the next day.


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