Great Green Spinach Smoothie

April 29th, 2014

spinach smoothie

Spring seems to be slowing inching her way closer and closer to home. I am so excited to get back outside, walking, bike riding, golfing, and especially lying by the pool! I’m also eager to get back to healthier and more mindful eating. Spending all winter hibernating inside has led to several extra pounds; a cookie here, brownie there, or maybe a sliver of Chocolate Nutella Twix Cake with Fudge and Marshmallows on top. So now it’s time to re-focus and indulge in some farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

Spring brings not only cherry blossoms and forsythia, but also plenty of seasonal produce. Spinach, radishes, asparagus, peas, artichokes, cherries, and strawberries start appearing at all the local farmer’s markets. So what’s to be done with all these delicious fruits and vegetables? Let’s keep it simple . . . try the Great Green Spinach Smoothie that is loaded with anti oxidant rich spinach, banana, and coconut milk. It took my kids a bit of coaxing to try this bright green smoothie, but once they did, they were hooked on it’s sweet, banana flavor. I use vanilla yogurt in this to give it its sweetness. But you could easily use plain Greek yogurt, a tablespoon or two of agave and teaspoon of vanilla extract.

2 handfuls spinach (I reach into the bag, and grab hold of a nice bunch of leaves)
1 banana
1-cup coconut milk (I use the vanilla coconut milk in the purple box from Trader Joe’s)
4 oz. vanilla low-fat yogurt
1-tablespoon ground flax seeds


Puree all ingredients in the blender. I love my Vitamix!


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