Tortilla Salad with Chili Lime Vinaigrette

January 18th, 2014


Such a fun, spirited salad. It’s sweet and salty and tangy and spicy! It goes with everything and I make it all the time. The dressing is great on sautéed shrimp or used instead of mayonnaise to make a bright, flavorful chicken salad. I even add a bit of jalapeno pepper when I really want a kick. It’s great year round. In the summer I add left over corn and flank steak and maybe a drizzle of pesto. In the winter I use Trader Joe’s fire roasted corn, Vermont cheddar cheese, and sometimes shredded rotisserie chicken. This makes a great accompaniment to Arroz con Pollo.

Romaine lettuce
Cherry tomato
Roasted corn
Black beans
A hand full of crushed tortillas

¼ cup fresh lime juice
2 teaspoons agave
½ teaspoon chili powder
¼ teaspoon cumin
1 clove garlic, minced (I like to use a microplane)
½ cup olive oil
Salt and pepper

In a bowl or blender, mix together lime juice, agave, spices, and garlic. Vigorously whisk in the oil until emulsified. Season with salt and pepper.


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